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Local Food Proprietors

SIFRG provides local food proprietors an opportunity for significant growth through a new customer base in local markets and non local markets as well as access to those market's large following on social media platforms. Food proprietors can minimize food waste by creating prepared meals for local markets using excess ingredients.

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Alskinny Brothers


Mike and Matt believe the quality of foods with which we choose to fuel our body are often directly correlated with how we feel – eating healthy is not always easy!  Alskinny brothers are passionate about doing their part to demystify the complexities of healthy eating though education and by providing a healthy, non-nonsense snack that you can eat guilt-free, makes you feel great, and serves a purpose in your everyday life.

Whether you are fueling up before a race, recovering from strenuous exercise, or just snacking through the day, Mike and Matt are passionate about designing food products and a brand that you can trust and makes you feel invigorated!  

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Bar Pizza & Salad Co.


2020 was a difficult year, and we all saw our families, friends and communities tested. Time felt like it stood still. Unpredictable work and life change hit us all. Long-standing routines and traditions were impacted, in some cases forever. With change sometimes comes new perspective, however, and so it was in the depths of 2020 that Bar Pizza & Salad Co. was born. Our families grew up on Bar Pizza, with roots in Brockton, Easton and the surrounding areas – and once we had the idea we couldn’t shake it. So, it is our hope that with this restaurant we’re able to support our community and establish new and enduring traditions in the face of change. From the Bar Pizza & Salad Co. family to yours, welcome and thank you!

Better Grains good image.jpg
Better Grains Gluten Free Bakery


At a young age, Keri soon became excited to see the positive impact she could have on people through food. After high school she decided to attended Bristol Community College where she earned an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts in 2004. Currently, Keri is the Executive Pastry Chef at The Country Club, a world-renowned private country club in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.  She is responsible for all the baking and pastry demands of the Club and works each day to elevate the Club’s pastry program.  Keri earned her Executive Pastry Chef certification from the American Culinary Federation in April 2017. She was also the recipient of an Outstanding Service Award from Bristol Community College where she continues to give back to students who are eager to learn.Keri looks forward to working towards her end goal of running her own bakery.  Her side business, Better Grains, is gluten free baked goods for those that are Celiacs or just want to eat a gluten free diet.  Eventually Keri hopes to grow her brand and sell from her bakery full time. 

Seasoned Palette.jpg

Led by Excecutive Chef Justin Garcia, Seasoned Palette specializes in local & sustainable cooking with a focus on New England Seafood! After finishing culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, he became the Executive Chef of The Public House and The Mystic Boat House simultaneously. Later on, he moved south to be the Chef de Cuisine at Wake Forest University. Justin brings an innate attention to detail.

Novatos Bar and Grill.jpg

Novatos Bar and Grill's passion goes beyond serving great food to their customers. When Jennifer and Alex Lima were presented with the opportunity to run their own restaurant, Jennifer had only one request before agreeing to take on the new business adventure.

“I’ve always wanted to help people,” she said. “I know that running a restaurant can be stressful but it can also be used as a resource to help people.”

Seasoned Palette
Novatos Bar and Grill
Pasta Ingredients

Better Grains Gluten Free Bakery

“Thank you to Mansfield Farms Fresh Market for providing my small business this opportunity to expand here in our community and all other future S.I.F.R.G. endorsed local markets.

When diagnosed celiac nine years ago, I made it my goal to open a bakery and develop gluten free recipes that no one could tell were gluten free. Better Grains is my very own dedicated gluten free bakery that is allergen friendly and safe for celiacs.  My passion is to make delicious food that even someone who doesn’t need to eat gluten free will enjoy.  

I am beyond excited to be part of S.I.F.R.G. and look forward to growing my business throughout New England.

Alskinny Bros.

We’re a small family-owned business and we’re very excited for the opportunity to partner with Mansfield Farms Fresh Market which is our first grocery retailer. We thank them for giving us a chance to grow and build our brand.

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