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Our Mission

To battle food insecurity and food waste while providing small business owners the much needed support and platform to grow beyond their local market.

Chef Preparing Food
Volunteers Serving Food
Paying for Groceries

Who We Are:

Sustainable Impact Food Rescue Group is your (next generation) nonprofit, engineered to facilitate growth amongst independent food proprietors while stewarding a multi-level Food Rescue "Hybrid" Program.

The Problem:

While supermarkets continue their disruptive march into the "prepared-food" market, they are slowly cannibalizing small independent restaurants 


This slow transition to "big box" ready-meals are, in essence, reshaping future consumer buying habits

The Solution:

SIFRG was founded in efforts to build out community partnerships, by empowering local independent food proprietors to grow beyond their respective local markets via "proprietary" partnership agreements.

The Benefits of S.I.F.R.G.

S.I.F.R.G.'s food rescue model benefits all participants, including local food proprietors, food markets and food pantries. 

Local Propietors

  • Significant growth with a new customer base

    • Exclusive offerings and partnerships with community grocery stores

  • Strategic Alliance

    • Identify and optimize cost saving partnerships

Local Food Market

  • Pioneering community growth

  • Local community engagement

Local Food Pantries

  • 501(C)3 organizations

  • Benefactors of SIFRG's food rescue initiative

Boxed Food
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